May is mental health month.

I sit to write this with a heavy heart, as recently as yesterday a friend’s partner chose to end their struggle with life. On the outside it looked like they had everything, happy family, successful career but not everyone who smiles on the outside is smiling on the inside.

We have to become more aware of the devastating consequences that Mental unwellness brings, not only to those struggling but also to those around them who are left confused, frustrated and bereft when the struggle becomes too much.

More money needs to be available to make services such as mine available to more people and available immediately without long waiting lists.

Talk does help, it can make a difference. If you feel that hopeless dark cloud over you, please talk to your GP, its not about medication, they can provide some help and above all it is a confidential place to be heard.

In those dark hours when everyone is sleeping and you feel you cannot wake anyone, h Samaritans are there, waiting for your call. A confidential, anonymous and safe place to talk. Don’t worry if you don’t think you make any sense, you will.

I am here to help where I can. If you think your mental wellbeing is out of balance – talk to someone.

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