AS – Asperger Syndrome.

Did you know that this is more common that you might expect affecting 700,000 people in the UK according to recent statistics (25th April 2015), that’s more than one in 100.

It comes under the umbrella of Autism Spectrum Disorder and is often referred to as ‘mild autism’.

Someone you know may have Asperger’s as well as some famous people who live with the condition.

Spring Watch Chris Packham as the condition, as does Chaser Anne Hegerty aka The Governess, Britian’s Got Talent star Susan Boyle was diagnosed in 2013.

The main difference between AS and autism is that AS don’t have a learning disability and do not have any developmental or intellectual delays. In fact, those with AS are normally of average or above average intelligence.

Common signs in children include avoiding eye contact, and preferring to play alone or with adults instead of joining with other kids.

The tend to have very mature language skills and will use sophisticated words they have learnt from books but still find it hard to communicate with others.

AS people typically don’t like change and like to stick to routine, they often have one very intense interest such as art, music or computer programming.

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