Ant McPartin Opens up about mental health


Another celeb has shared with us their mental ill health. Ant McPartin, part of the famous Ant and Dec duo has checked into rehab for addictions to prescription drugs and alcohol.

These are the coping methods Ant has used to help deal with his depression and anxiety around other life issues. He’s not the only one to recently open up about their mental health issues. Prince Harry has shared his need for talking therapies to help him cope with his mental ill health and to help him find his balance.

We need to remove the stigma around mental health, bringing things out into the open and getting society to talk about it more has to be a good thing. We are all saddened by celebrities we hear about such as Robbie William, who had battled with depression and mental ill health by hiding and putting a ‘brave face’ to the world.

Every day, people like you and I struggle with our mental health and try to hide it. If you had a physical illness you would go to your doctor to get it fixed, a broken bone you get put into a cast to heal. We need to take care of our mental health, to talk through those issues we hide .

Talking therapies help, admitting to yourself is the first huge step, picking up the phone and making an appointment is the next one. Counsellors/therapists are here to help, not to judge or criticise. That first step is the hardest, giving yourself that time to talk about yourself.

If your life is out of balance please message, text or call – I would like to help.


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