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I am a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist, working within Warwickshire and parts of the West Midlands.  I have worked in a variety of setting including historic and current sexual abuse and rape, Domestic Violence and Hate Crime, Homelessness, Hoarding and life changing medical conditions.  I have also supported those who have been suffering from mental health issues which have impacted on their integration with those around them and helped them find a way to become more integrated within the community and more self sufficient.  My knowledge and experience enables me to work effectively with clients presenting with a variety of different issues and to provide a comprehensive assessment.  I work with individuals, couples and with adults and adolescents.

The first session we will complete an assessment and plan what work you feel is appropriate to reach your goals.   Counselling is a challenging and can be a tiring experience, my aim is to help with focused therapeutic interventions which aim to help work things out.  You are required to be open and honest about how you feel and what you would like to change.  My responsibility is to ensure you have the opportunity to do this.

I am pleased to announce that I am now offering counselling to individuals and couples with AS (Asperger’s syndrome). 





60 minutes, 1 to 1

ONLY £50



90 minutes, 1 to 1

ONLY £75



60 minutes, 1 to 1

(Before your first session I offer a free telephone consultation)

ONLY £40



90 minutes, 1 to 4 people

ONLY £90

Not found what your looking for? 

Get in touch to discuss personal options

to find a Session that suites you and your lifestyle.



Viv Kelsey

DipCoun, RegMBCAP

You may be looking for counselling or psychotherapy for yourself or a loved one to help feel better than you/they do now.  Counselling or psychotherapy offers you that opportunity and private, confidential space to explore those issues that are affecting your wellbeing.  They could be current problems or something historic that you now need to make sense off.  Your life feels out of balance.


I offer you the chance to explore these issues in a safe environment.  I work with your unique issues and help find a clear agenda to work towards your goals.  I am a qualified, registered BACP psychotherapist working face to face with clients and qualified cybertherapist offering online counselling and psychotherapy via safe, secure email and secure instant messaging.


Counselling can address a variety of life issues and concerns:


Depression, stress, anxiety, anger management, self esteem, OCD, phobias, panic attacks, motivation, PTSD, relationship issues, grief, confidence, eating disorders (anorexia and bulimia), mental health diagnosis, Asperger Syndrome, recovery after physical or emotional abuse, self harm, general unhappiness, work-related issues.


 your experience may be very different to those described, please feel free to contact me or call me on  07507 825 743 and tell me about your needs and hopes from counselling. 



''I spent a lot of time on my own, I dont think my dad realised how unhappy I was, I realise I didn’t spend much time with my friends.  Viv helped me find confidence to go out and spend more time with people, she was pretty awesome.''

''Thankyou Viv, Thankyou Very much, We really didnt consider how much of a positive impact you would have on our relationship.''

- Mr & Mrs X

- Stuart

''My therapy sessions help reduce my pain and further the healing process, Viv was compassionate and professional at all times, I felt valued and important, properly listened to and understood perhaps for the first time in my life''

''Without a doubt, Viv has had a huge impact on my life, I feel more positive about myself and confident that my choices are as important as everyone else’s''

''I think I was pretty chaotic, I definitely felt unable to function properly, well I wasn’t functioning, not really.  Viv gave me the space and time to order the chaos.''

- Anne

- Julie

- Johnathan


CONTACT ME                 Tel: 07507 825 743

Please leave me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Daytime and evening appointments available in Coventry and Nuneaton.